Chairman / Director

Subhash Harjai


Mr. Subhash Harjai has led Harjai Group since 1995. Mr. Subhash played a key role in defining the company’s strategy and continuously creating innovation to maintain its leadership in the industry. He has taken a personal interest in developing teams and invested significant time in creating leaders in Harjai. Over a decade of a continuous involvement he has led the company reach where it is today.

Mr. Subhash Harjai is an alumni of Benares Hindu University and studied Electrical Engineering. Soon after graduation he began his career in DCM Ltd. in Kota, Rajasthan and moved to NOCIL in Mumbai. Mr. Subhash Harjai has since held senior management positions during his tenure. However, he took Voluntary Retirement ahead of time, when he was invited by Mr. Sanjay Harjai to don the role of Chairman of the Harjai Group.

Sanjay Harjai

Managing Director

Sanjay is an alumni of VJTI, Mumbai and has an extensive information technological experience of more than 20 years. He worked in the USA for multinational software companies and upon his return to India in 1995 he has been successfully running Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd. and Harjai Software Consultants.

A software industry veteran, Sanjay’s passion for technology was sparked in the early 90s and his initial attempts at programming soon helped him identify his true talent and strength, working with customers rather than in development. In the course of his career, he has visited thousands of customers worldwide gaining unique insight into their needs and business processes. Sanjay has personally witnessed the evolution of IT industry in innumerable countries and recognizes the impact that technology has on individuals and businesses alike.

Directors / Vice President

Arty Harjai

HR Director

Mrs. Arty Harjai serves as the company’s HR Director. She led the company’s transformation into a technology driven force and her contribution has been one of the important reason for the company’s success. She is heading the HR division since 1996 and has executed several critical assignments.

Mrs. Arty Harjai has worked with the counseling department of Springdale's School, New Delhi as well as Sunnyvale’s School, California. She has number of years of experience of working with children as well as adults in the counseling field. She is also Full-Time Director of Harjai Global Gurukul (HGG) where she provides guidance for students studying abroad and helps them understand the different parameters in Foreign University selection.

Seema Harjai

Executive Director

Mrs. Seema Harjai is the first Entrepreneur in the Harjai family. She incorporated Seema Institute in 1978 in the days when female entrepreneur were hardly around. She nurtured and grew Seema Institute to become a brand name in the entire Western Suburbs of Mumbai.

She joined Harjai Computers as an Executive Director in 1996 and has been providing insight and leadership to steer the organization from its founding period, laying down strong foundations which has seen the organization grow from strength to strength.