Staffing Solutions across the entire Information Technology Spectrum

Various Technologies, Single Staffing Source

Specialized teams exist at Harjai to provide candidates in different technologies. You name it we provide it. We understand the length and breadth of the entire technology spectrum and have the ability to provide complete peace of mind to our customers in terms of their staffing requirements. Harjai Computers offer a full range of consulting services with knowledge and expertise in a multitude of areas. We have full-time teams devoted to our clients' needs. This may sound like a simple thing, but this very notion sets us apart from the other consulting firms.

Picture This!

You have a team of consultants working on a major project within your company. The project is slated for completion within the next 30 days. How can you be sure your team is still focusing on your project at this very crucial period instead of seeking out their next project or employment? Harjai employs consultants full-time, which means they are committed to seeing a project to the end, regardless of the completion date.

Our consultants become a part of your team, working closely with your employees to insure that all your company's needs are met: from the most basic to the very subtle. You never have to worry where your support is coming from and how much knowledge a consultant will have about your system. You know the consultants from Harjai not only developed your particular strategy, but also are always available for support.